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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman’s Fusion - Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Kit - The Pink Pack

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Experience a world of vibrant inks with Van Dieman's revolutionary FUSION - 5 Ink Mixing Kits. Crafting, customizing, and delighting in a unique palette of colors is now just a few strokes away!

Unlock the power of transformation. Create a one-of-a-kind hue. Exploring the limitless shades of color.

The Pink Pack 
Step into a realm where passion meets elegance, and craft a limitless palette of warm reds and vibrant pinks.

Included in this pack:

Fluoro Pink (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): A hue that radiates vivacity, this ink isn't just pink - it's an emotion. Medium in saturation, it reveals a golden sheen when paired with quality paper, adding an element of surprise to your scripts and scribbles.

Wine Red (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): A rich, full-bodied shade reminiscent of luxurious velvets and fine wines. Deep and captivating, this hue complements Fluoro Pink in crafting shades that speak volumes.

Shimmering Liquids - Exquisite in their brilliance, these shimmering liquids aren't just an accessory, they're an experience. Chemically tailored to be identical to fountain pen ink, yet magnified with double the dazzle. A few drops can transform your creation or any standard fountain pen ink.

Iridescent Gold (10ml Shimmering Liquid): An avant-garde product exclusive to Van Dieman's. A shimmer that dances between the ethereal hues of rose, gold, and green.
Iridescent Blue/Pink (10ml Shimmering Liquid): A Van Dieman's special, watch as this shimmer oscillates between the celestial shades of blue and the romantic tints of pink.

Mixing Accessories: Dive deep into the world of blending with two empty 20ml bottles. Curate, create, and capture your desired hue. The provided eyedroppers in every bottle guarantee precision in each concoction.

Elegantly presented within a meticulously designed gift box adorned with plush, flocked foam padding, this pack is both a treasure to behold and a gift waiting to be given - complete with a chic instruction manual.

Embark on the journey of ink blending. Start with 10ml of one base ink, and introduce the other, drop by drop. Witness the magic as the colors dance, merge, and form new shades. Add the iridescent shimmers as per your vision: a hint for a subtle gleam or a generous amount for a dazzling effect. Remember, with Fusion, there are no rules, only revelations.

Versatility is at the heart of Fusion. The Pink Pack seamlessly combines with the other Fusion assortments, revealing a rainbow of possibilities. Enhance the hues further with Van Dieman's Ink Diluter for a softer, nuanced finish.

Authenticity from the Heart of Tasmania:
Every Fusion pack stands as an emblem of our unwavering dedication to excellence and artistry. Crafted with love and precision in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, Van Dieman’s Fusion is not just ink, but a testament to their legacy of passion, heritage, and innovation.