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Van Dieman's Ink

Van Dieman’s Fusion - Fountain Pen Ink Mixing Kit - The Blue Pack

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Experience a world of vibrant inks with Van Dieman's revolutionary FUSION - 5 Ink Mixing Kits. Crafting, customizing, and delighting in a unique palette of colors is now just a few strokes away!

Unlock the power of transformation. Create a one-of-a-kind hue. Exploring the limitless shades of color.

The Blue Pack
Venture into the depths of the midnight ocean and soar through moonlit skies. The Blue Pack beckons you to conjure a breathtaking spectrum of blues, blacks, and blue-blacks, mirroring the mysteries of the night.

Included in this pack:

Royal Blue (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): Embrace the elegance of regal courts and serene seas. Royal Blue is a medium saturation hue that's regal in essence, making it both a solitary gem and a mixing marvel.

Jet Black (50ml Mixable Fountain Pen Ink): As deep and enigmatic as the vast cosmos, this ink channels the majesty of the night sky, offering the potential for an array of captivating blue-blacks when combined with Royal Blue.

Shimmering Liquids - highly pigmented fluids, akin to fountain pen ink, but with an intensified luster. Employ with discretion! Infuse a hint into your bespoke ink or elevate your usual inks.

Iridescent Green (10ml Shimmering Liquid): A chameleon charm that oscillates between gold, green, and blue—a Van Dieman's exclusive, this is the shimmering spectacle of the auroras bottled.
Sterling Silver (10ml Shimmering Liquid): Glimpses of the Milky Way, a gleaming presence that adds a lustrous dimension to any ink creation.

Mixing Accessories: Equipped with two empty 20ml bottles, creativity knows no bounds. Precise blending is guaranteed with the integrated eyedroppers in every container.

All these treasures rest within a meticulously designed gift box adorned with plush flocked foam padding, ensuring both protection and panache—a comprehensive stylish instruction manual rounds off the experience.

To embark on the blending escapade, initiate with 10ml of Royal Blue or Jet Black. Gradually introduce the complementary ink, drop by drop, and marvel at the evolving symphony of shades. Intersperse your mix with the desired shimmer: a whisper for a subtle glint, a dash for an undeniable dazzle, or maintain its pristine hue.

Compatibility remains paramount. The Blue Pack seamlessly aligns with the other Fusion assortments, allowing you to weave a rich tapestry of hues. Complement with Van Dieman's Ink Diluter for a refined, muted finish.

Authenticity from the Heart of Tasmania:
Every Fusion pack stands as an emblem of our unwavering dedication to excellence and artistry. Crafted with love and precision in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia, Van Dieman’s Fusion is not just ink, but a testament to their legacy of passion, heritage, and innovation.