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Traveler's Company

TRAVELER'S COMPANY - Notebook Starter Kit - Brown - Regular

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This is the starter's kit of the regular-sized TRAVELER'S COMPANY Notebook. It comes in a package which contains a tan cowhide leather cover, a blank notebook, a cotton case, and a spare closure rubber band (of a different colour). The simple and rustic texture is self-assertive in an unobtrusive way.

The more you use it, the more unique texture the cowhide cover acquires. The leather cover, whose texture is simple yet attractive, is made in Chiang Mai. They "chop" cowhide, tanned with tannin taken from plants, into pieces. Then, rubber is tied to the piece with tin clasps. It's as simple as that.

Insistence on the best writing comfort. The notebook refills are developed especially for the best writing comfort possible. You can write on it with a fountain pen with little need to worry about bleed-through. In pursuit of the best writing experience possible, the paper is carefully crafted in Japan.

The perfect size for carrying. You can put small maps and tickets, etc. in the notebook.

The simple design lends itself to the colours of your choice. As you use the notebook more and more, the leather will develop a richer colour and will become imbued with your individuality.

Package contents:

Cotton Bag / (240mm x 140mm)
Leather Cover / (220mm x 120mm, 10mm deep)
Blank notebook (64 pages) / (210mm x 110mm)
Spare Rubber Band