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MD Paper - Midori

Midori MD Dip Pen

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The color of the ink is part of the pleasure of writing. And so Midori has developed a dip pen that perfectly complements your MD stationery. The simple, fresh-looking body of the pen is made from an environmentally friendly material consisting mainly of paper powder, recreating the texture of a new page in pen form.

Best of all, you can change the ink color at any time. With no cartridge, all you need to do is grab the ink you want. With the same nib as the MD Fountain Pen, this pen is designed to make handwriting comfortable.

*The nib is specifically designed for this product.

We do not recommend removing the nib or attaching products from other manufacturers as forcibly removing the nib from the shaft may result in damage.

  • Size:  H134×D10mm
  • Package Size:  H50×W175×D20mm
  • Weight:  approx.42g
  • Shaft: MAPUKA, synthetic resin with paper powder
  • Nib: Steel
  • Nib Size: Medium