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MD Paper - Midori

Midori MD Notebook - Gridded A5

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Designed for writer's comfort, the 'Midori Diary (MD) paper' used in this notebook was first developed in the 1960s as Midori Co.'s original diary paper and has continuously gone through quality improvements. MD paper is designed and adapted for high writability meaning it can handle a variety of inks, including fountain pen ink without smearing or bleeding through the pages easily.

The cream-coloured paper is easy on the eyes whilst creating a beautiful contrast with your choice of ink.
Crafted using traditional Japanese binding techniques and original methods, it opens evenly for easy writing and is highly durable.
The gridded pages are ruled with 5mm squares, with a mark at every 5 and 10 squares making it easy to count characters written and is also used in “Genko Yoshi” for Japanese writing. Additionally, the lines of the grid are pale blue which ensures they won’t interfere with your writing or sketches.  
When the pages are full, a personalised one-of-a kind book label is included allowing it to sit on your bookshelf along with your favourite reads.