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G. Lalo

G. Lalo - "Vergé de France" Pack of 25 Envelopes DL Size - Off-white

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This excellent French paper is the perfect stationery for your correspondence. This fountain pen friendly stationery in laid finish is exceptionally smooth for use with fountain pens. A classic that becomes an elegant staple in your stationery repertoire from the Parisian house of G. Lalo, stationer to the royal courts of Sweden, Holland, Belgium and Monaco.

Vergé de France has its heritage in handmade paper; Verge refers to the grid of parallel translucent lines ("vergeures") that was formed in handmade paper as the sheets were laid to dry (the origin of the term "laid finish").

The package contains 25 envelopes. Size DL: 110 x 220 mm. All envelopes have an exclusive lining.

G. Lalo has been making stationery since 1920. Throughout the years, the quality and elegance of its products led it to be "de rigueur" in most of the royal courts of Europe.