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Ferris Wheel Press

Ferris Wheel Press - Once Upon A Time... - Cloak and Forest Ink 20 ml

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We begin the next chapter of the FerriTales collection by exploring the humble abodes of our favourite stories. In the quiet chambers of Princess Aurora, little miss Briar Rose awaits the kiss of her true love. Capture the feeling of infinite slumber in a bottle, and awaken the curse of Sleeping Beauty with the glimmer of red sheen.

Open the gilded cover of your favourite fairy book and dive deep into the FerriTales Collection. Re-imaging the tallest tales told through time, we inspire a new generation of writers and creatives with our most luxurious collection of fine fountain pen inks.

Captured in a 20ml glass globe with a widened neck to fit most fountain pens, this high quality, richly saturated pen ink is our most cherished collection yet. Explore a world of premium, dazzling shimmers, enchanting tonal combinations, and captivating sheens to add to your treasured chest of stationery.

Once Upon a Design

The flutter of a red cloak and the soft padding of feet on a mossy floor can be heard as Little Red rushes through a dimly lit forest on her way to grandmother’s house. Forest residents chatter from their humble abodes, warning her of the peeping Big Bad Wolf lurking in the shadows, but fear not! The silvery light of the sun peeks through the lush canopies of the wizened trees, lighting her way, giving her the hope and courage needed to continue her daring journey.

Ink Tone: Forest Green, silver shimmer
Characteristics: High-sheen, deep, verdant, lively


  • 20ml ink reservoir
  • High-sheening
  • Saturated
  • Rich
  • Bewildering
  • Fantastical
  • Jewelled
  • Signature brass cap

Notable design details:

  • Interior bottle opening: 10mm wide to fit a variety of writing instruments
  • Briar Roses creep up the bed posts, shrouding the bed in mystery.
  • Snuggle into the plush pillows, inspired by our iconic ink bottles, hopefully they aren’t made of glass!
  • Beautifully carved bed posts reminiscent of ink bottles hold the drapes in place.
  • Small spinning wheel motifs can be found throughout the bed frame carvings.
  • Nestled under the night sky, moonlight falls upon the princess’ crown.
  • Is that Sleeping Beauty? It looks like she has been turned into a cat!

Ink in the bottles have been adjusted, to the best of our ability, to convey their appearance on paper. Please refer to ink swatches for the best representation of their colour.