Review - Opus 88 Eyedropper Fountain Pen

Review - Opus 88 Eyedropper Fountain Pen

The Opus 88 Koloro is a big pen with a big personality!

Made of acrylic, it weighs in at 25.5 grams making it much lighter than it appears. This is good news for those with smaller hands!

The Koloro is an eyedropper fountain pen with a piston mechanism that activates and de-activates the one way shut off valve. The piston mechanism can look deceiving at first glance as it’s not used to draw up ink but rather to regulate ink flow to the nib. Essentially closing and opening the valve to a secondary ink chamber in the section, or grip of the pen, allowing you the ability to control your ink flow. 

Why is this cool? Because depending on what you’re writing or perhaps, more importantly, what you’re writing on, you can adjust how dry or wet the pen writes to avoid feathering and/or bleed through. For example, if you’re writing on less than great quality paper.

Eyedropper pens are great because it means you can kiss your ink cartridges and converters goodbye. Also, with the Opus 88 Koloro, you’ve got the ability to fill the barrel of your pen (with the eyedropper that’s included in the beautifully presented box), with up to a whopping two millilitres of ink – to put that into perspective, a standard ink cartridge or converter usually takes up to .9 millilitres of ink – so let’s put it this way, you’ll be writing for a long time before you run out of ink.

Boxed Opus 88

Additionally, the Koloro just looks great. And changing the colour of your ink can change the entire look of your pen, especially if you like shimmer inks. Watching the ink float around in the barrel can be quite mesmerising. We also love the polished acrylic top and bottom. In our opinion, the crystal-clear cap top and piston turning knob coupled with the matte black clip make it one of the more attractive demonstrator fountain pens on the market today.

The stainless-steel number six Jowo nib is well adjusted and smooth, providing a writing experience that is comparable to that of many higher-end fountain pens. The Koloro is a great everyday writer and exceptional for those longer writing sessions.

If you run out of ink, simply unscrew the grip section and top it up again with your eyedropper. Alternatively, if you want to change ink colours, cleaning is simple due to the fact that the Koloro is able to be fully disassembled. A simple flush of the barrel with water has it clean and the nib unit unscrews, allowing for easy cleaning and, you can even purchase additional nib units that can see you switching from an extra fine nib to a broad in a flash.

Make no mistake, this is a very cool fountain pen that has features that are usually found in much more expensive, higher-end pens. If you’re wondering if you should or shouldn’t add this surprisingly versatile writer to your collection, yes, you definitely should!

Have a look at the Opus 88 range of fountain pens!

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