LAMY Notebook Review

LAMY Notebook Review

We could say that Lamy packed a bunch of features into their notebooks, but that would be an understatement!

Like many other higher end notebook brands, Lamy notebooks come in a multitude of sizes and colours, as well as having the option of either a soft or hard cover. The covers are quite minimalist and feature only a small embossed Lamy logo on the back cover. The covers feel lovely and have a textured, almost metallic finish.

The elastic closure on the larger notebooks is nice and tight and the double ribbon bookmarks are super convenient if you’re using your notebook for multiple purposes. The built-in pen loop is also handy for attaching your favourite pen (of course!), when you’re on the go, but unlike some other notebooks, the Lamy loop can accommodate some larger fountain pens without too much effort.

There’s also a pocket at the back for holding some loose paper, sticky tabs or even a bit of blotting paper if your ink is taking longer to dry than you’d care to wait! Being cotton bound, the notebooks lay flat, making them easy to write on the whole page. Speaking of writing... let’s talk about the most important feature, the paper!

The pages are ivory, “ink-proof”, 90 grams per square metre (GSM) and the writing experience, personally, is really nice! I didn’t experience any bleed through, ghosting or ink feathering, the paper was tested with a multitude of fountain pen inks and nib sizes from extra fine through to broad and stub nibs.

Writing Test

The most interesting and perhaps notable (pun intended!) feature of the Lamy notebook paper would have to be what’s termed as “Lamy ruling”. So, whilst providing a plethora of other features and options on their various notebook sizes and shapes, they omitted the option of providing, ruled, grid or dotted paper and instead gave us all three in one! This is hard to explain so I’ll just point you to the writing tests pictured below and you can decide what you think for yourself!

Lamy Grid

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