Ferris Wheel Press - The Brush Fountain Pens

Ferris Wheel Press - The Brush Fountain Pens

Minimalistic, yet never simplistic, the Ferris Wheel Press Brush Fountain Pen is surprisingly special. The attention to detail is second to none and when it comes down to the little things, Ferris Wheel Press have certainly hit the mark.

The Brush Fountain Pen is full of personality and charm with a vintage yet modern feel despite what seems at first glance to be a pretty, yet quite ordinary. It’s no secret that Ferris Wheel Press’ branding is on point, and that a huge amount of thought has been put into it.

The Brush Fountain Pen

The experience all starts with the packaging. Presented in a box that’s in proportion with the size of the pen, the FWP logo in gold foil looks beautiful against the prints of a hot air balloon and Ferris Wheel in the background. Intricate in detail, its environmentally friendly size is a contrast to the size and amount of unnecessary packaging that other pen boxes have come to be known for. In this case, size doesn’t matter at all!

Inside, the pen is thoughtfully presented in a black velvet sleeve, again embossed with Ferris Wheel Press in gold. Not only is this a lovely touch, but it’s practical as a way of carrying your pen in your bag or pocket without fear of scratching it.

Made of copper and coated in a shiny, polished finish, the pen is reminiscent of the shape of a paintbrush. The cap secures to the barrel with a brass nut, an ode to Ferris Wheel Press’ history as a print maker and the machines it used to produce them. It’s worth noting that posting the cap onto the back of the barrel is not recommended as it can scratch that gorgeous shiny finish, and no one wants that!

The section, also made of brass is etched with a ferris wheel design and is long enough in length that regardless of whether you like to hold your pen close to the nib or a bit higher up, writing comfortably won’t be an issue. The nib and cartridge converter are also thoughtfully etched with classic FWP designs and are all further examples of the attention to detail that they’ve become known for.

The only difficult part is deciding which colour to get and it’s very clear to see how these pens have become quite collectable.

Then there are the notebooks... and the inks...

The colours, the boxes, the beautiful perfume shaped ink bottles... once again, captivating, and very appealing. Ferris Wheel Press have undoubtably succeeded in bringing the fun of a carnival to their stationary line up.

Ferris Wheel Press - Ink and Fountain Pen

Being relatively new to the world of fountain pens and inks, Ferris Wheel Press have entered the market with something different. Something quite magical, and with products that just make you want to write.

Five stars Ferris Wheel Press.

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