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Traveler's Company

TRAVELER'S COMPANY Notebook Accessory TOKYO Edition - Brass Charms

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Discover the charm of Tokyo with these beautifully designed brass charms by TRAVELER'S COMPANY, based in the bustling city. Featuring iconic elements like taiyaki, a classic Tokyo snack, and cherry blossoms, which bloom all over the city in spring. Slide the taiyaki charm along the elastic band of your TRAVELER'S notebook, and attach the cherry blossom charm to the string or elastic of your bookmark. These solid brass charms will age and change over time, adding to their unique character. Each charm is meticulously engraved by a skilled craftsman at a press factory near Tokyo. Transform your notebook into a work of art with these must-have accessories!

Made of Brass
2 pcs
Package / H128 x W96 x D9mm