Sailor Pro Gear 21K Gold Nib - Tea Time Series - FIKA Cup Progear

Sailor Pro Gear 21K Gold Nib - Tea Time Series - FIKA Cup Progear

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Around the world different cultures get together with friends, family or colleagues for the social ritual of drinking morning or afternoon Tea or Coffee together and having a small traditional snack.

#1 Fika

No one loves their afternoon coffee breaks like the Swedish, and such a gathering called FIKA has become a ritual event for the country's caffeine addicts! Known as 'taking part in fika' it involves enjoying coffee socially with traditional Swedish pastries. Fika is an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. Taking the time each day to share a cup of coffee and a little something to eat is often mandatory in some Companies.

Sailor celebrates such a concept with the introduction of three new products:

  • FIKA cup - Available as KOP and Progear FP
  • FIKA Hallongratta - Available as Progear Slim FP
  • FIKA coffee - Available as 20 ml dye based ink

This Progear Fountain pen features a 21K rhodium plated gold nib in sizes medium and medium fine. The pen comes with a converter and two ink cartridges.