LAMY Safari Rollerball Pen- White and Red Limited Edition

LAMY Safari Rollerball Pen- White and Red Limited Edition

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Originally released exclusively in Japan to celebrate the Safari's 30th anniversary, the Safari Rollerball Pen in White/Red is finally getting a worldwide release so pen lovers everywhere can get their hands on this simple but stylish design.

Sporting a matte white finish, this pen sets itself apart with a striking red clip, creating a bold contrast that really draws the eye. This gorgeous pen makes a compelling option for everyone from connoisseurs and collectors to those starting to explore the world of high-quality pens.

The iconic LAMY Safari range incorporates functional modern design with classic German engineering. Made from lightweight, durable plastic to create a reliable, robust, classic pen.

The cap easily clicks on and off making it perfect for writing quick notes. The section has a distinctive triangular grip which ensures comfort for longer writing sessions and the perfect pen to throw into your everyday carry.

With its distinctive wide metal clip, you’ll find attaching it to your shirt pocket, notebook or pencase easy and very handy!

Available in a range of classic and vibrant colours there’s one to suit you!

Additionally, the LAMY Safari has been known to be very collectible! With special edition colours released each year! However, whether you decide to collect them or not, this is one pen that definitely deserves a place on your Pen wish list!

Designed by Wolfgang Fabian

It features:

  • Sturdy plastic
  • Red Metal clip
  • Ergonomic grip
  • with giant refill LAMY M 63 M blue (included)

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